Preschool lesson plans guide the educational component of any preschool program. Lesson plans with specific details increase the effectiveness of teaching in preschool classrooms. A well-written lesson plan is reusable and adaptable for different groups of students and classrooms. A preschool lesson plan should be written so any preschool teacher could pick it up and teach the lesson.


A clear, yet descriptive title is the first component to a preschool lesson plan. It is the first section to read, so be specific and accurate without being too lengthy.


The topic or subject addressed should be located near the top of the lesson plan. The appropriate age level for the lesson is also a component of the preschool lesson plan.


This part of the preschool lesson plan specifically describes the skills addressed by the activity. It should outline the skills or information the students will learn during the lesson.

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Describe the activity that will teach the students the outlined skills and information. Include specific steps for the activity.


List all of the materials needed to complete the activity. This list will ensure that all materials are ready at the time of teaching. Additional resources should also be listed for future reference.


The final section of a preschool lesson plan should outline the assessment after the activity. This assessment will ensure that students learned the set objectives or skills.