How to Volunteer at a Child Care Center

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How to Volunteer at a Child Care Center. Whether you are thinking of becoming an educator or just have a genuine love of children, volunteering at a child care center may be just for you. Many high school and college students can gain significant experience by volunteering their time to build their resume. Others who enjoy children can gain satisfaction in their life by helping children in such a setting.

1 Look up child care centers

Look up child care centers in your area that are a drivable distance from your location

2 Call up a few

Call up a few of the centers to see if they're in need of volunteers on a full-time or part-time basis.

3 Explain to the directors

Explain to the directors what your intentions are and your availability, if they seem interested in having a child care center volunteer.

4 Set up a meeting

Set up a meeting with at least two of the child care centers in your area which are looking for volunteers. You want to visit each site to be certain that it is an atmosphere that you are comfortable working in.

5 Call back the child care center

Call back the child care center that you are most interested in volunteering your time at. Also, call the other one to let them know that you have found another placement that works better for you.

6 Discuss

Discuss with the director of child care center that is most compatible with your needs when you're available to start. Have a conversation of what your expectations are of the center, and ask the director what her expectations are of you. This could very well turn into a paying position down the road, if you do well.

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