The words "in" and "into" have different meanings; therefore, they are to be used differently in speech and writing. According to Merriam-Webster, "in" refers to the location or position of something or someone within another thing, while "into" refers to the movement of going toward the inside or in the direction of something.

Using "In"

The word "in" refers to location; something or someone being within something else. For example: "Max's favorite childhood toy is packed away in a box." In this example, "in" refers to the location of the toy, indicating that it is inside a box. Another example is "Chris is sitting in the living room." In this example, "in" indicates the location of Chris, which is the living room.

Using "Into"

Use "into" to refer to someone or something making its way inside of something. "Into" is an active word, indicating movement, unlike "in," which indicates that the thing or person in question is already inside. For example, "Jess got into the car quickly because we were running late for the party." In this example "into" refers to Jess's action of going inside the car.