How to Turn Off the Wi-Fi for a Guest on a Linksys

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The Guest Access feature on some Linksys routers allows visitors to connect to the Internet through your Wi-Fi network without allowing them on your regular local area network. Guests can also use a different password to connect, so you don't need to share your normal password. If you no longer want to allow guests online, you can disable the guest network through one of the router's setup utilities.

1 Configuring a Linksys Router

You can access your router's settings through one of three methods. The traditional method uses a Web interface. To reach the Web setup page, type "" (omitting quotes) in the address bar of your browser on a networked computer and press "Enter." You'll need the router's administrative password to continue. If you haven't set one up, use "admin" as the password and leave the user name blank. Alternatively, you can change settings with Linksys Connect. This program requires installation on a networked computer, but offers a more user-friendly interface than the Web setup page. If you have a compatible router, you can also change the setting from any computer over the Internet with your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi account.

2 Web Setup Method

After logging in to the website, open the Wireless tab. On the row of sub-tabs that appear, click "Guest Access." On the "Allow Guest Access" line, select "No." With this option selected, none of the other selections on the page take effect, even though they don't turn gray, so you don't need to change the password or number of guests allowed. Click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the page to turn off the guest network.

3 Linksys Connect Method

Run Linksys Connect on your computer. Some versions of the program use the name Cisco Connect instead. If you don't have the program, you can either use another setup method, or install it from your router's setup disc or the Linksys website. Click "Change" on the Guest Access panel on the main setup screen. Under "Allow guest access," click "No" and then press "Finish."

4 Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Method

If your router supports Linksys Smart Wi-Fi, you can use your account from any computer -- even one not attached to the router -- to change the settings. Visit the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi page (link in Resources) and log in. Click "Guest Access" in the menu bar. Switch the "Allow guest access" slider to "Off" and click "Ok" at the bottom of the page.

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