Over time, more churches have realized the importance of ministering to Christian women to enable them to use their God-given influence in a way that stirs them and those around them to wholeness in spirit, soul and body. The Bible reveals how God used different women to do amazing feats of salvation and deliverance to His people. It is therefore clear that God has a plan and purpose for the Christian woman in today’s church. That purpose and plan can only be successful through imparting the Christian woman with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skill required to fulfill her Christian mandate. A Christian women’s seminar should strive to address topics that deal with the whole man i.e. the spirit, soul and body.


When planning a Christians women’s seminar, it is important to give topics that address the spirit of a woman priority before handling topics that deal with the soul and body. Topics that address the spirit of the woman include such topics that relate to the growth of the spiritual person in her relationship with Jesus Christ. These topics may include teachings on how to do personal Bible study, how to pray effectively, how to fast and how to grow and minister in the various gifts God has endowed different Christian women.


When preparing for a women’s seminar, it is crucial to factor in topics that address the various relationships women engage in. This is important because it is through proper relationships that the woman can effectively minister to others the treasure God has put in her spirit. Topics such as courtship for the single women, how to relate with husbands and children for the married women and how to relate with employers and employees for the career women, will strengthen and instruct women in godly living. When teaching these topics, virtues such as forgiveness, forbearance, submission, honesty and speaking the truth in love should be encouraged.

The Body

Topics that relate to the body of the woman should be considered when planning on what to teach during a Christian women’s seminar. Topics that deal with the body are important because it is through the body that the woman is able to execute the purposes of God for her life. Topics such as food and nutrition, physical exercise, weight loss, tips on beauty and dressing, cooking and meal planning will be of great benefit in any Christian women’s seminar.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Self Defense

All women live with certain levels of risk to violent crime. Every woman therefore needs to know basic techniques on how to reduce her risk and how to respond in case of an attack. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, sexual assault happens to a woman in America every two minutes. It is therefore important to teach and demonstrate to women practical defensive and offensive techniques when dealing with violent aggressors.