Youth Retreat Theme Ideas

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Teen retreats are exciting, fun-filled events that can influence a child’s life forever. Retreats range from weekend to week-long sessions. Locations of retreats also vary depending on the theme and activities planned. Teens enjoy getting together with peers for a fun time. However, while making the retreat fun, it should also be educational and encouraging. This is easy to accomplish with a retreat theme. Princess retreats teach girls to treat themselves with respect and vocation-themed retreats equip teens to go into the workplace. If your goal is to encourage and inspire a teens, then the weekend is sure to be a success.

1 Princess Retreat

A princess-themed youth retreat focuses on encouraging and developing teenage girls. This retreat pampers the physical, like manicures and massages. However, it is also important to nurture the emotional needs of teen girls. During the course of this retreat, girls learn lessons in lady-like conduct, peer pressure, life goals, and character. After the retreat, teen girls should feel like princesses. They should have the confidence and tools to treat themselves with respect throughout life.

2 Camouflaged Retreat

During this retreat, teens are challenged to find out about themselves. The use of camouflage is important to represent teens living in a world where peer pressure causes them to blend in. During the course of the retreat, teens do activities to learn about themselves, including character traits, personality and integrity. Teach teens to stand out from the crowd and be unique. They should learn to think for themselves and make decisions not based on what friends do. By the end of the retreat, remove all the camouflage material to represent the teens breaking free from similarity.

3 Vocation Awareness Retreat

The vocation awareness retreats are for teens in the later stages of high school. The retreat focuses on giving teens skills to take into college and eventually the work place. They should learn about various career opportunities. During the retreat, teens take personality profiles and learn which career would fit them best. By the end of the sessions, teen will know what steps to take to reach their career goal.

4 Real Relationships Retreat

Parents most often complain about their relationships with teenagers. This retreat will equip teens on how to handle relationships with friends, parents, and those in authority. Teens learn to communicate through words and writing. A fun activity for this retreat is to act out scenarios by role-playing. Teens will enjoy imitating their parents or teens, and get a better understanding of those they relate to. By the end of this retreat, teens should know how to control their emotions and feelings, and express them maturely.

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