The Shoes of Peace Craft

The Shoes of Peace are part of the Armor of God discussed in Ephesians.

In the book of Ephesians, there is a list of the "Armor of God" which includes, among other things, the shoes of the gospel of peace. The Armor of God is a fun series of Sunday school lessons because the children get a chance to make concrete representations of these very abstract concepts.

1 Shoes of Peace

The shoes of peace could be literally represented by making your own sandals. For this, you can use a simple piece of craft foam and some ribbon. Just cut a piece of foam for each foot, using the approximate size of the children's feet. Use a hole punch to make two holes near the toes and two holes near the heel. Thread the ribbon through the holes near the toes, creating a loop that will cover the toes, and then up through the holes near the heels. Tie the ribbons around the ankles of the children.

2 Peace Prints

For a more playful twist on the shoes of peace, you can place a long piece of paper on the floor and have the children step in paper plates that have different colors of paint in them. Have them walk across the paper, creating a banner of colorful footprints. Discuss how the paint makes their footprints easy to see, and connect that to the visible nature of the peace of the gospel. People filled with the spirit of peace are easy to see, just like the footprints.

3 Making Peace with God

An essential part of the concept of the gospel of peace in the armor of God is a solid relationship with God. Explain that when you have an open relationship with God you are at peace with God and He is at peace with you. Discuss ways you can maintain peace with God, like following His commandments. Make a mobile with symbols of peace, like the dove and the rainbow. Have the children color pictures of the items you wish to use, punch a hole in the top of each picture, and then hang them from a hanger with string.

4 Making Peace with Others

One of the goals of the Christian life is being someone who brings peace to others. Discuss some of the ways that peace is missing from the world, using examples that are age-appropriate to your class. Cut an outline of a cross from a piece of construction paper and have the children tape or glue pieces of a torn-out picture in the outline. Explain that although the world might be shattered, through Christ it can have peace.