Cloud Activities for Kindergarten

Many children first learn about clouds in kindergarten. They learn about the different types of clouds and how they change shape. They also learn about the types of weather that clouds produce, such as rain, sleet, snow and hail. The use of games and activities allow kindergartners to have fun while also learning about clouds.

1 Reading

Read to your kindergartners. “Little Cloud” by Eric Carle, “The Little Cloud” by Tomie de Paola, “ Nimby” by Jasper Thompkins and “Nimby the Raincloud” by Jack Read are good for defining and introducing the concept of clouds to the students. The children will enjoy the simple, clear text and colorful images of these books. Check with your school or local library for other children’s books about clouds.

2 Art

Allow your students to make their own white cloud pictures. Provide your kindergarteners with pieces of light blue construction paper, glue and white cotton balls. Show the students how to stretch the cotton balls to create different cloud shapes. Another art activity is making crayon resist clouds. Draw clouds on white construction or drawing paper using white crayon. Supply the students with a cloud paper, paintbrushes and diluted blue paint. Have each child use the diluted blue paint to paint the paper and reveal the white clouds.

3 Games

Cut different shapes of clouds out of white or gray paper. Try to make each shape resemble an animal or object. Put the cloud shapes into a box or bag. Have each kindergartener draw out a cloud shape and tell the other students what animal or object it looks like. Matching is another shapes activity your kindergarten students can do. Cut out eight to ten pairs of cloud shapes using white construction paper. Mix up the shapes and have the students find matching sets.

4 Cloud Watching

Discuss with students the difference between white, puffy clouds and dark, rain clouds. Explain that white clouds contain no rain and continually change shape. Also, explain that rain clouds are darker in color because they contain water. Take the students outside, if possible, for a first-hand look at the different clouds. Have students point out the clouds, distinguish between rain or white clouds and tell what objects they think the clouds look like.

Drew Woods is a native of Milwaukee, Wis. who has written articles for the international basketball website USbasket. He holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Bethel University and has been writing professionally for various websites since 2009.