Properties of Clear Quartz Crystal

Not only are there physical properties associated with clear quartz crystal, but also healing and energy properties as well. Using crystals for gem healing has been linked to the healing of mental, physical, chakra and spiritual healing. No stone is more essential for this particular purpose as clear quartz crystal, which is considered by many to be the quintessential crystal for healing.

Physical Healing Properties


Clear quartz is a traditional healing crystal that is believed to be capable of drawing out pain while amplifying energy for healing. Healers that specialize in crystals utilize clear quartz crystal in rituals for many purposes including healing general pain, diarrhea, convulsions, dizziness, radiation exposure, headaches, hemorrhages, kidney disease and even hypochondria.

Mental Healing Properties


For mental and emotional healing, it is believed that quartz crystal in its clear forms is an important stone for self esteem. It is credited with possessing the ability to treat abusive childhood traumas, to balance emotions that are chaotic and to increase positive emotional energies and motivations to take action. Other mental healing properties of the clear quartz crystal include increasing intuition as well as insight, eliminating self pity and helping to achieve ultimate potential.

Physical Properties


On the Moh's scale, clear crystal quartz has a hardness of 7.0. The index of refraction for quartz is between 1.544 and 1.553. Clear quartz crystal has a white streak, a hexagonal crystal structure and a conchoidal fracture. There is no cleavage in quartz crystal, and the tenacity of quartz crystal is brittle. Clear crystal quartz falls into the silicates group of stones, has a vitreous luster and has a transparent to opaque transparency level. Striking features for clear quartz crystal include a frequent appearance of conchoidal fractures on its faces, hardness, striations on the face of the crystal and crystal forms. Quartz crystal dissolves in hydrofluoric acid.

Chemical Properties


Clear quartz crystal is either pure, or nearly pure SiO2 or silicon dioxide which is composed of silicon and oxygen, two of the most common elements in the earth. Any impurities found in clear crystal quartz are typically sodium, lithium, aluminum or potassium. Quartz in its clear crystal state has also been found in moon rocks as well as meteorites.

Quartz Facts


Clear quartz crystal is known for possessing other properties and capabilities as well. Quartz is regarded as a master healing crystal as it contains the full light spectrum. It can help to dispel static electricity and therefore can be kept near computers to ward off static. Clear quartz crystal is also said to help release negative energies spiritually, and it is linked to the harmonization of all of the Chakras though it is most commonly associated with the Crown Chakra. Clear quartz is also regarded as the birthstone for the month of April.