Metaphysical Properties of Granite

Wearing granite can improve your perspective and get rid of skepticism.

While granite is popular around the world for constructing buildings, many people don't realize that the stone contains metaphysical properties. To harness the spiritual benefits of granite, you can wear an amulet made from the rock—it's found in a variety of colors, including blue, red and green—or place an object made from granite on an altar at home.

1 Physical Health

Granite is affiliated with lending strength to your physical health. Wear granite if you want your hair to become stronger and to make your soft tissues, muscles and bones firmer. Granite can also help with health ailments related to your head and face, such as headaches or acne.

2 Increase Abundance and Protection

People who long for more abundance in their lives—whether related to their finances, their love life or the success of their business—should wear a granite talisman. It's also considered a "guardian stone" that offers protection, which makes it an ideal gift for children or for people who have high-risk jobs, like military personnel.

3 Emotions

When granite is extracted from the ocean floor, it's believed that the stone helps keep emotions calm, because it contains both elements of the ocean (which represents the emotions) and the grounding properties of earth. This, in turn, lets people feel happier and experience more balanced relationships in all areas of their life.

4 Perspective

Granite is an excellent stone to carry if you want to be able to see the big picture in life more clearly instead of getting bogged down in trivial details. Because the rock enhances the ability to be practical and disperses negativity, it helps overcome skepticism. It also aids in diplomacy and improves people's cooperation.

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