Sunday school is a good way for your child to learn more about Jesus.

As a Christian parent, you want your 4-year-old son to let Jesus Christ into his heart, but he's too young to fully understand the enormity of Jesus dying on the cross. However, he's not too little to learn more about the miracles Jesus performed according to the Bible and the parables he told. Read books and do craft projects and activities that illustrate Jesus' life and your son will grow closer to his Lord.


One of the best ways for your son to learn about Jesus Christ is to take him to Sunday school. Yes, you'll have to drag yourself out of bed early on a Sunday morning, but the lessons he'll learn will last a lifetime. Most churches offer vacation Bible school during the summer. This week-long activity includes Bible stories, crafts and other activities. Help your child form a relationship with Jesus by saying prayers together. Pray whenever you want to, but make it a habit to pray before meals and at bedtime.


Art projects can teach your 4-year-old about Jesus Christ. Cut crosses out of white paper and let your son decorate them. He might even use them as Easter gifts for his family and friends. Make paper puppets with your child to re-enact different stories from the New Testament. For example, create Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus puppets to act out the Christmas story. Print out pictures of various Bible stories about Jesus Christ for your child to color. Staple the pages together and use them as books to read with your son. Eat a Bible-inspired snack while you're reading. For example, have fish-shaped crackers and small slices of bread as your son learns about Jesus feeding the 5,000 people.


Buy your 4-year-old a Bible written specifically for children and read it together. The New Testament will tell your child the story of Jesus' birth, death and good works done on Earth. Read the stories many times because the more you read them, the more your child will learn. Plus, children love to hear the same stories over and over, as you probably already know. Head to the library and check out picture books that tell stories about Jesus as another learning tool.

Additional Ideas

Tune your radio to a children's Christian station and sing along with your son. Let your son teach you some songs he's learned at Sunday school and sing those with him too. Another way for your son to learn about Jesus is to take him to a Christian book store. In addition to a wealth of age-appropriate books, your son can also look at art work depicting the life of Jesus. Many Christian book stores also have Christian toys that your child can play with.