Celebrities do it all the time. They disappear for a while and reappear with new clothing, new hairdos and entirely new personas. But the rich and famous don't have a corner on the market of self-reinvention. With a little forethought and some imagination, you can reinvent yourself and take on an entirely new persona.

Think about your current persona. Assess your physical, emotional and mental characteristics. Notice which are contributing productively to your life and which are keeping you from developing in the way you would like. Decide which aspects of your current persona you would like to change and which you would like to keep.

Determine the new persona you would like to create for yourself. Be as specific as possible. Think about the persona that will be most conducive to a healthy and productive life. Decide whether you will need new clothing, a new haircut, a new body or a new speech style.

Revamp your appearance. After doing the initial assessments of Steps 1 and 2, make the outward changes that you will need for your new persona. Change your hairstyle and clothing in order to match your new persona.

Make internal changes. Remember that change must come from within and that you must make deep-seated changes to your emotions and personality in order for your new persona to feel fully three-dimensional.

Practice. At first, your new persona will not feel natural to you. You will need to constantly think about your reinvented self.

Change. Life is all about making adjustments. You may find that aspects of your new persona are not working for you. Adjust your new persona accordingly.