Top Three Most Important Attributes in a Relationship Partner

Communication and trust help turn physical attraction into love.
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Must have's in a relationship consist of many things, for many people. Being initially attracted to someone usually begins with appearance. So, if cute, hot and good hair rank in your top three attributes you are not alone. However, while the superficial aspects of a potential partner may attract you in the beginning, they aren't likely to keep you in the relationship over the long haul. Look for deeper emotional attributes that will turn your guy or gal from date to mate.

1 Chemistry Sparks Interest

While the physical attraction that you feel for someone may seem superficial, it's actually a key part of a romantic relationship. The initial spark of attraction that ignites your interest is essential for taking any relationship out of the friend zone and elevating it to a romantic level. However, keep in mind that even though attraction is crucial, it isn't enough on its own to sustain a partnership. Physical attractiveness as an attribute may draw your attention and make you begin to fall for your crush, but more is required to carry your relationship through the long term.

2 Closeness Requires Communication

A relationship that goes beyond a crush or simple attraction must include a sense of closeness. When you add closeness you can move an infatuation toward a real partnership, according to "Love and Romance" on the TeensHealth website. In order to build closeness your partner needs the ability to communicate. A good partner can share thoughts and feelings with you. This attribute goes beyond simply telling you about the events of everyday life, but should include the ability to share deep feelings, hopes and dreams.

3 Trust Builds Commitment

When you're casually dating, commitment isn't necessarily a major part of your relationship, however, moving toward a true love or partnership does require this ingredient. Trustworthiness is an attribute that is essential to a romantic commitment. Trust requires honesty and a willingness to listen. Without trust there is no true partnership. For example, if your guy constantly accuses you of cheating -- even though you've been together for two years, without incident -- he doesn't trust you. This type of behavior can tear apart your relationship and lead to its end.

4 Many Other Attributes are Important

There is no single list of attributes that fulfills everyone's needs. Every person, and each relationship, is unique. This means that the attributes you're looking for in a partner may vary from your BFF's. While physical attraction, the ability to communicate and trustworthiness are crucial for most romances to flourish, you may also want to add other attributes such as a sense of humor, intelligence, being considerate, or athleticism.

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