The Best Safety Topics

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Safety topics help people understand critical issues about keeping themselves and others safe in a number of environments. Failing to follow simple safety regulations and being aware of dangerous situations can often mean a trip to the hospital or even death. Many of these topics often become the subject of news media articles, workplace seminars and public safety demonstrations.

1 Workplace Safety

Safety in the workplace includes involving employees in companywide awareness programs, such as teaching first aid, preventing heat-related illness, stopping accidents, handling dangerous chemicals and conducting emergency preparedness drills for severe weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms. Topics can also include safety concerns that can be transferred to the home, including safe food handling and prevention of athletic injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration oversees workplace rules and conditions in workplaces across the United States, and the OSHA website can be a good place to find information to begin analyzing those issues.

2 Public Safety

Topics about public safety can include natural disasters, health and those who protect people in their communities. Natural disaster safety issues focus on hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, snowstorms, tornadoes, flooding and ice storms and should include how to best prepare and what to do once a storm hits. Health safety can center on sexually transmitted diseases, sun exposure, cancer, water pollution, toxic waste, bird flu, the war on drugs and water hazards. Public safety topics can also be about issues surrounding police officers, firefighters and paramedics including funding, recruitment and pension issues; they can also cover homeland security and terrorism.

3 Children

Safety topics regarding children can focus on children of all ages, including health and safety issues they might encounter in their environment. Issues about health can include juvenile diabetes, childhood obesity and vaccinations. Topics surrounding a child’s environment can cover safety issues about using the Internet, wearing a seat belt, playing on playgrounds, bullying, talking to strangers, wearing a bicycle helmet and learning skills such as first aid and safe driving techniques. Safety can also include learning about the dangers of the home, such as household chemicals, dangerous pets and fire safety.

4 Older Americans

The best safety topics for older Americans can include subjects about health and their environment. Issues about health can include choosing a retirement facility, coping with the loss of a spouse or loved one, downsizing a home, taking care of grandchildren, paying for prescription medication and recognizing mental alertness and awareness with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Topics about living in their environment can include driving safety, warning of scams, living alone and becoming involved in community groups to improve social skills.

Alex Barski began writing professionally in 2006. He is a former television news reporter now working in news management and has written for regional magazines and business journals in Pennsylvania. Barski has also served as a college professor, teaching courses in mass media and writing. He has a Bachelor of Arts in mass communications and English from King's College.