How to Write a Christian Personal Vision Statement

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Creating a personal vision statement can provide focus and direction for your life, especially when facing decisions. A Christian personal vision statement considers God's will as part of the vision and is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Creating the statement requires introspection and personal honesty, and can help solidify goals and clarify the purpose of your life.

1 Approach

Approach writing your vision statement with a prayerful heart. Ask God to guide your thoughts as you meditate about the direction of your life.

2 Use questions

Use questions to help focus your vision statement. These questions could include: Do I feel God has a purpose for my life? In what ways has God's hand been manifest in my life? What brings me joy or satisfaction? What are my greatest strengths? Are there any negative habits I would like to break? What would I do with my time if I did not have to work? What would I do with my money if it were unlimited? If my life ended now, would I have any regrets? Answer each question as completely and honestly as possible. Add other questions and answers if they come to mind.

3 Using your answers

Using your answers, write about the core values and recurring themes they reveal in the following areas: spiritual growth, family relationships, financial security, physical health, social development and personal enrichment. If some of your answers fall outside of these categories, create your own.

4 Think

Think about how you can use information from your past to shape the future. Distill the information in each life category into one or two actionable statements. Write using first person perspective and present tense. For example, under the spiritual category, you could write, "I am deepening my relationship with Christ through scripture study and prayer" or "I am experiencing the joy of drawing others to Christ through love." Write concrete statements that are based on your core values.

5 Read your personal vision statement often

Read your personal vision statement often. Use it to guide your daily actions and decisions. Over time, you may want to make changes as your circumstances and abilities change.

Melissa Young graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University with a BA in communication studies. Her educational training included journalism, interpersonal communication, communications law. Young currently works as an evaluator for a local publisher, writes for online sites including, and is an associate editor for a semi-annual print journal.