When writing a research paper in American Psychological Association style, it may be necessary to include a budget sheet directly in the paper. When doing this, it will be necessary to structure the sheet according to APA style. Since a budget sheet is written in a table format, the rules of formatting a table should be applied here.

Structure and Format

According to APA, data within a table must be written in 12-point type, double spaced with 1-inch margins, just like the rest of the paper. The table will ideally be contained to one page, so small adjustments are allowed to make this happen. If this is not possible, the table can continue on another page. Use headings for every row and column. Also, provide a title, and number every table.

Most importantly, the table must be clean, contain only essential information, and be self explanatory. In other words, the reader should be able to understand your point without reading the rest of the text. This means you will need to take great care in deciding how to order your data within the table. For a budget sheet, this will likely mean placing critical budget lines toward the top, with the total budget amount placed somewhere easily readable and retrievable.