How to Get Over the Disappointment of Being Dumped

A broken heart can turn your world upside down.
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All breakups are hard, but being dumped may be the worst. You put your emotions on the line and were rejected. Your world has been turned upside down. Worst of all, you probably weren't expecting it and don't even know why it happened. Rejection is tough to accept, but there are ways to get over your ex and move on.

1 Cut Off All Communication

Don't give into the temptation to contact your ex.
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By cutting off contact, you are giving yourself time to heal. According to relationship therapist Rachel Sussman in the "Women's Health" article "The Four Biggest Breakup Mistakes," keeping in touch with an ex and demanding closure can leave many people feeling unsatisfied and even worse about the breakup. As hard as it may be, delete your ex's contact information from your phone, email and social media accounts. If you continue to try to communicate with your ex, you are obsessing over the past instead of trying to move forward.

2 Take Time to Grieve

Let the tears flow.
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Allow yourself to grieve. Not only have you lost physical companionship, but you've also lost the expectations and future plans that one makes when in a relationship. Give yourself time to be upset. In her article "The End of a Relationship: How to Recover From a Broken Heart" on, licensed therapist Judith L. Allen notes that you should let yourself be emotional over the breakup because ignoring those feelings only allows them to linger, making the recovery process harder. So go ahead and cry or talk to someone you trust about your feelings.

3 Get Out and Have Fun

Get out of the house and do something with friends
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Now that you’ve taken time to grieve, it’s time to get out of the house. You don’t necessarily have to start dating again unless you are ready to do so, but you need to keep your mind occupied and do things that make you feel good about yourself. Share your feelings with friends, take up a new activity, or even do something as simple as getting a haircut. Doing things that are fun and boost confidence will give you the momentum you need to move past being dumped and not to focus on the past.

4 Moving On

Figure out what you want and shape your future.
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Once you have reached acceptance of your breakup, focus on yourself and what you want for the future -- both personally and romantically. Whether it was your first love or someone you thought you were going to spend your life with, realize that a failed relationship isn't the end of your romantic future.Take time to revisit what you are looking for in a mate and realize that you shouldn’t settle for a situation that makes you anything less than happy.

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