In some cases, old exes come back and the couple decides to repair the relationship. While it is generally more common for recently separated couples to reunite, some exes may come back after years. Indeed, it is possible for feelings of love to linger for many years after a breakup, explains licensed clinical social worker David Braucher in the article, "Why Can’t I Get Over My Ex?" published in "Psychology Today."

Will My Ex Come Back?

Many factors come into play in whether or not an ex comes back. Some individuals realize that they made the wrong decision in ending their relationship and come back to their ex. Indeed, counselor and dating coach Yangki Christine Akiteng explains that partners who were in long, serious relationships and have made positive changes in their lives since the breakup have a good chance of getting an ex to come back. However, with time and space, many exes never reunite. Whether both partners change, find a new love or simply realize that the old relationship was not meeting their needs, some people decide to move on from their exes permanently.