Praise Dance Steps

Praise dancing is worship that is gracefully expressed using the human body. Praise dance is used in churches across the world in many different denominations. While every church is different in their worship practices, most praise dancers use universal steps to worship God. Novice and professional dancers use simple praise dance steps to lead the congregation in worship.

1 Crossover Steps

Crossover steps are easy to learn. Stand relaxed with your feet together in the starting position. Your hands should rest comfortably at your sides. Start this praise dance step by crossing your right foot over your left. Then bring your left foot along side it. Move your right foot behind your left foot and bring your right foot beside it. Repeat the right crossover step as often as necessary. To do the left crossover step just do the opposite. Start with your feet together and cross your left foot over the right. Bring your left foot along beside it. Move your left foot gracefully behind your right foot and then bring your feet together. You can use your arms and hands during the crossover step too. Whichever way you move, swing your arms and hands about waist height in the same direction.

2 Hora Steps

The Hora has a long history in praise dancing. It is an original step used by ancient Jewish dancers. The hora is a series of fast moving steps often used in circle or solo dances. Start the hora by standing with your feet together in a relaxed manner, hands resting to the side. Then take a step to the right then quickly move to the left and then to the right again. It should be right-left-right. Arms should be bent in at the elbows with the palms facing outwards. For circle dancing hold hands in this manner or hold hands at the waist. Reverse the hora by stepping to the left and then quickly to the right and left again. This praise dance step is perfect for teaching groups of ladies or girls.

3 Yemenite Step

This series of moves makes a lovely praise dance. Stand with your feet together and your hands relaxed at your side. Then take a small step right. As you step, put all your weight on your right foot. Then move your weight back to your left foot. Bring your right front in front of your left, moving your weight to the right foot. Then side step to the left and move your weight to the left foot. Then transfer your weight to your right foot. Move your left foot in front of the right keeping your weight on the left foot. While doing the Yemenite step keep hands at your side with palms facing down. Swing them gently as you move.

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