The conclusion of a long-term relationship is naturally difficult to deal with – for both of you. To help yourself move on and not hinder your ex-girlfriend's healing, learn exactly how much space she needs. Thanks to the spectrum of technology employed by most, giving her adequate space may be more involved than you initially may think.

Physical and Virtual Space

In order to move on after a difficult breakup, it's important to make a clean break, which includes avoiding phone calls meant to sort things out and putting away the photographs, advises psychologist Helen Zielinski Landon in the post “How Do You Heal a Broken Heart?” on her professional website. While it's simple enough to box up snapshots of the two of you, dealing with so called “digital possessions” following a breakup is trickier though equally important, according to Rick Nauert, senior news editor for Psych Central, in the article “In Digital Age, Breaking Up May Be Even Harder to Do.” Giving her space means also removing your connection via other social networking sites along with taking down online pictures that feature you both.