How to Tie a Kabbalah Red String

A close-up of a kabbalah red string tied around a person's wrist.
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The Kabbalah practice of wearing a red string wound around the left wrist hails from the ancient tradition of wrapping red string around the grave of Rachel, the great matriarch. Practitioners believe that places where powerful people are buried act as portals, connecting the living to their energies. Rachel is revered for her perceived desire to protect all humankind. Wrapping red string around a loved one's left wrist is intended to protect them from both negative internal feelings and harmful external forces by endowing them with some of Rachel's energy.

Wrap the red string around the wearer's wrist once.

Fasten the red string to the wearer's wrist tightly with a simple knot.

Repeat the knotting process six times, creating a total of seven knots.

Instruct the wearer to mediate on their desire to radiate love, kindness and positivity while warding off negativity and the evil eye.

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