Faith, Family and Friends Theme Ideas

Church gatherings help reinforce social ties.

The themes of faith, family and friends are interwoven throughout society as three elements that represent the main core values of many people. Spiritual faith is often the underlying foundation of other values, whether Christian, Muslim or related to the many other faiths present in modern society.

1 Unity

When faith is seen as a core value in life, it helps to serve as a common foundation and acts as a kind of glue joining family members and friends. For this reason, the combined themes of faith, family and friends are often seen as instrumental focal points for religious organizations. These three themes, combined, ultimately lend themselves to a theme of unity.

2 Strength

Because faith, family and friends are considered foundational aspects of society, they are also considered vital for a strong society. In particular, a society which has strong family relationships is more likely to be stable and to continue to progress, while a society with a weak family base runs the risk of being less enduring.

3 Patriotism

People who have pride in their country often value these three themes of faith, family and friends. When people are united by a common purpose, such as the success of their home country, this helps to bond family and friends together with a sense of national pride. Many U.S. home decorations feature these themes with the patriotic red, white and blue colors.

4 Happiness

Faith, family and friends are themes that are associated with a rich, full and happy life. Someone who has this support system in his life is less likely to feel lonely. A Gallup poll from December 1, 2001 indicates that "Very Religious Americans Report Less Depression, Worry" in life.

5 Balance

Fred Steiner of Bluffton University recounts the words of one of McDonald’s most successful franchise owners, Jerry Lewis, when he spoke in November 2010 at the university’s annual Presidential Leadership Lecture. "The work-life balance isn’t always easy" and "without a foundation of faith, family and friends," his wouldn't have been possible.

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