What Does It Mean When a Guy Wants to Meet Your Parents & Siblings?

It is a very encouraging sign when a guy wants to meet your family.
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You may feel excited, flattered or even anxious when your boyfriend expresses the desire to meet your family. Knowing what this gesture typically indicates can help you settle on your own emotional response. Whether or not you know what you're ready for in the relationship, by asking for this meeting, your boyfriend has shown he's confident in his own commitment.

1 Relationship Readiness

Someone who is commitment-phobic will avoid meeting your friends and family, says marriage and family therapist Larry Cappel in his Psych Central piece “7 Sure Signs of a Commitment-Phobe.” Conversely, requesting an introduction to those who are a major part of your life usually indicates willingness to commit. If he takes the relationship seriously, he probably wants to get to know your family as the next logical step in deepening your union. A family meeting can serve to simultaneously make him feel like a more integral part of your life and let him get to know you even better.

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