What Does It Mean When Your Girlfriend Begins to Distance Herself From You?

Your girlfriend may distance herself for different reasons.
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When your girlfriend begins to distance herself from you, it’s normal for you to feel worried and confused. After all, you can’t read her mind, and men and women sometimes behave differently when they communicate. Your girlfriend’s behavior may signal that she is losing interest in you -- or there may be another reason.

1 No Happy Ending

One reason that your girlfriend has begun to distance herself from you is that your relationship is in trouble, says psychologist Stephanie Sarkis in the Psychology Today article, “Seven Signs You’re Headed for a Breakup.” For example, if your girlfriend is considering a breakup, she may make excuses for not spending time with you, not communicating with you and not holding your hand. You can rule this out by talking to your girlfriend about her feelings.

2 Taking Her for Granted

If you have taken your girlfriend for granted, she may feel hurt, angry or neglected. Although taking your girlfriend for granted is a common relationship mistake, the consequences can be detrimental to your relationship, according to psychologist John Grohol in the Psych Central article, “Eight Ways to Ruin Your Relationship.” If you are guilty of taking your girlfriend for granted, apologize and talk about how the relationship will be different.

3 She Needs Time

Your girlfriend may distance herself from you when she has issues that demand her time and attention. For example, problems within her family may leave her feeling anxious. Your girlfriend may need some space to deal with these concerns. Difficult choices and transitions are additional sources of anxiety. Perhaps your girlfriend is considering attending an out-of-state college or her family is planning a move. Be a good listener if she wants to talk, but respect her need for time and space if she doesn’t.

4 A Dull Relationship

Relationships can become boring without fun, and fun is an indicator of a healthy relationship. Ask yourself whether you and your girlfriend still take time to have fun. The demands of school and activities can pull you in several directions simultaneously, leaving you with little time for fun or relaxation. Your girlfriend may distance herself if your agenda is all work and no play.