Management Games for MBA

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Students who are looking to attain a Master of Business Administration degree like to have a little fun with their profession just like any other student. A great way to make the subject matter of business management more enjoyable for MBA students is to use an MBA management game for the students. This kind of game is not only educational but enjoyable for students that otherwise are very busy with studying and reading.

1 Business Competition

Assign the students to groups and give them each a business type to manage. This type should be something in the lines of manufacturing, distribution, finance, agriculture and so on; any type of business that will work off other businesses is perfect. Give each business a set amount of mock money and a set period of time in which they are tasked to make a make-believe profit from that money. They then have to work with other businesses in the class to mutually beneficial profiting to complete the project. This will help the students get a handle on the actual act of doing business with others.

2 Monopoly

A classic board game that is based around money and property management, Monopoly can be adapted to an MBA setting by giving students a certain amount of money and tasking them with making a profit in a short period of time. This game is not only easy to play but can help teach students valuable lessons about conservative spending and property management. Even though it is an old board game, it still has valuable lessons to teach.

3 Capitalism II

Capitalism II is a business-simulation game in which players are able to take control of a company as the CEO in fields such as agriculture, media, retail, industry, mining, real estate, advertising, human resources, forestry and development. Students can play this game on a computer and be tasked with turning a profit by managing the business to the best of their abilities. Capitalism is very intricate and requires a lot of management, so this is a perfect game for higher-level business students.

4 Informatist

The Informatist is another computer-simulation game in which the player takes control of one of 16 different business types, over 80 products and 35 real estate options as well as countless employees to monitor and manage. Students are tasked with managing their expenses while keeping employees happy and turning a profit in a set period of time. This is a perfect game for teaching students the ins and outs of the more intricate business matters.