You're kind, caring, smart and not bad to look at, too. Even though you know that you're a total catch, he doesn't seem to appreciate what he has. If your guy is taking you for granted, making him see that he has something good can change your relationship for the better and put your romance on the road to success.

Don't Always Do

When he says jump, you not only say, "How high?" but also, "How far?" and, "For how long?" While you aren't literally jumping for him, if you find that you do everything he says -- or asks -- all of the time, you need to separate following his lead from being nice. Even though it may seem like giving in to your guy's every wish shows him how good he has it, it doesn't allow him to truly see what a caring person you are. Set boundaries and act out of kindness, not obligation. For example, your guy just expects that you'll type his term papers, do his laundry or clean out his locker for him every week. Instead of going along with whatever he says, let him take care of himself. When you choose to do something nice for him, he'll see just how kind you are.

Give Him Space

The more you're available and around him, the less he may value you, according to communication coach Preston Ni in his article "Are You Too Nice? Seven Ways to Gain Appreciation and Respect" on the "Psychology Today" website. While you don't have to cut off all ties with him or ignore all of his calls, give him some space to miss you. If you're shadowing him 24-7, he doesn't have the time -- or space -- to see just how good he has it. Think about the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and how it can apply to your relationship. If you aren't always around, he'll have the opportunity to realize just how good he has it when you're there.

Speak Up

Taking you for granted or walking all over you isn't something that you should tolerate from your guy. If your boyfriend doesn't see what a gem he has, stand up for yourself and tell him. Act assertively, speaking your mind and letting him know exactly how you feel. This doesn't mean that you need to yell, scream or act aggressively. Instead of an angry confrontation, respectfully explain that you don't think he appreciates you. Kick off the conversation by saying something such as, "I feel like you don't appreciate how much I care about you or the things that I do for you."

Appreciate Him

While you're feeling bad for yourself, thinking that he doesn't appreciate you, consider the possibility that he's thinking the same thing. Do you appreciate the little things that he does for you or show him that you have it good with him, too? If neither of you truly appreciates what the other one does, stop this cycle and start showing your gratitude by saying "thank you." When you thank him, he'll get the message that he needs to do the same.