How to Clean a Makeup Puff

Makeup puffs and brushes should be cleaned periodically.
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The brushes, applicators and powder puffs you use to apply your makeup are exposed to dirt and bacteria every time you rub them against your skin. Dipping these tools back into your makeup transfers the bacteria to the makeup itself, where it is stored until the next time you use the product. To avoid this back-and-forth contamination between your makeup and puff, always wash your face before applying makeup and clean your makeup applicators at least once or twice a month.

Place the puff in a lingerie bag along with any other puffs or makeup sponges that need washed.

Toss the lingerie bag into a wash load destined for a warm or hot water washing, such as sheets or towels. Add a mild laundry detergent free of heavy perfumes and dyes. Detergents that contain these chemicals don’t clean any better than mild detergents and increase the chances of skin irritation.

Remove the puff and any makeup sponges from the washing machine and lingerie bag and allow them to air dry. Make sure the puff is thoroughly dry before using it again so you do not transfer any water into your powdered makeup. Allow the puff to dry overnight to be safe.

  • If you prefer, hand wash the puff under warm running water with a detergent specifically designed for hand washing.

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