List of Christian Book Publishers

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Christian publishing is vibrant; recent statistics indicate that Christian-themed books comprise nine percent of American book sales. Here are some tips for identifying publishing methods to help you create a list of potential publishers for your book.

1 Traditional Publishing

Submit a proposal package of your work to a potential publisher. If accepted, submit the completed manuscript. The publisher will edit, print, market and distribute the book.

2 Self-Publishing

Write, edit and distribute the book yourself, while the publisher will print the book. Marketing duties are shared. You choose how many books are printed and the distribution method.

3 Traditional Publishing Houses

Thousands of publishing houses and imprints specialize in the Christian book market. Baker, Barbour, Zondervan and Tyndale are well-known publishers.

4 Self-Publishing Houses

Many self-publishing companies specialize in Christian books. Expect to pay about $500 to $2,000 initially. X-Libris, Destiny 11, Innovo, Pleasant Word and Xulon are popular companies.

5 Customized List

Narrow the list of publishers that are interested in your genre and niche market. A devotional for preschoolers typically attracts different publishers than a historical romance, for example.
Check guides such as the Christian Writer's Market Guide or the Writer's Digest Directory of Self-Publishing Companies for more details (see Resources).

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