What Are the Different Types of Bibles?

Learn about the different types of Bibles to select the one that fits your beliefs.

When you go into a bookstore and look at the Bible section, you find a large number off different types and translations from which to choose. Even though all Bibles tell the same stories of the adventures of the Jews as God’s chosen people, some Bibles include more books or than others. Understanding the different types of Bibles will help you find a Bible that best suits your needs and personal beliefs.

1 Protestant Bible

This Bible is widely spread in the United States and is the one most Americans are familiar with, because of the popularity of Protestantism within the nation. It includes an Old Testament with 17 historical books, five books of poetry and 17 books of prophecy. Its New Testament includes the four gospels, Acts, the 21 letters and the book of Revelation. The Protestant Bible has a total of 66 books.

2 Catholic Bible

The Catholic Bible includes 73 books, seven more than the Protestant Bible, and includes Greek additions to the books of Daniel and Esther. The additional books, which the Council of Trent approved, include Tobit, Judith, Baruch, Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon and First and Second Maccabees.

3 Jewish Bible

Also known as the Torah, this collection of Holy scripture includes the five books of Moses, eight books of prophecy and the 11 books of writing, which include books of poetry such as Psalms, Proverbs and Song of Songs.

4 Anglican Bible

This Bible accepts the New Testament in conjunction with the books of the Jewish Bible of the Old Testament. It excludes the additional 15 books of the Old testament found in the Protestant Bible.

5 Greek Orthodox Bible

This Bible is the largest of any Bible in print today, including the most books of scripture. In addition to the Catholic Bible, Orthodox Christians read First Esdras, the Prayer of Manasseh, Third and Fourth Macabees and Psalm 151.

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