How to Kiss While Wearing Dentures

Learning how to kiss while wearing dentures may take a little practice.

If you recently got dentures, it might be a bit challenging at first to get used to doing normal activities, such as eating, talking and kissing, while wearing your dentures. Knowing how to kiss while wearing dentures isn't difficult; it's basically the same as kissing without wearing them. However, it requires that you make a few small adjustments in how you position your mouth, and that you use a little caution, to avoid any mishaps.

Apply a denture adhesive. There are many brands on the market that help keep your dentures firmly in place. Some come in cream form and others are strips that stick to dentures like tape. Denture adhesive keeps your teeth from sliding out of your mouth, which is great if you plan on doing some kissing.

Insert your dentures and press them firmly into place over your gums. Let them set for 10 minutes -- so that you know that they're secure -- before you start puckering up.

Pucker your lips slightly, making sure not to apply too much suction to your teeth. Press your mouth to your significant other's lips. Kiss softly, not forcefully. If you want to French kiss, go at it gently and try not to bang your dentures against your partner's teeth. That would not only hurt but it also might dislodge your dentures.

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