Customer service representatives hear complaints all day. They get yelled at, complained to, and blamed for things that are not their fault. And, if they genuinely can not help someone, they risk getting a letter of complaint written about them. In order to counteract all of the negativity that some customer service representatives face, it is nice to write a positive letter about a customer service representative. A positive letter about a customer service representative may help to make their day better, and may lead to the customer service rep getting a bonus or getting closer to a promotion.

When you speak to a customer service representative who you feel is providing excellent customer service, ask for their name before ending the call. When you ask for their name, make it clear that you want to alert their supervisor that they are providing quality customer care. This way, the representative will not be hesitant to provide his or her information to you.

Ask the customer service representative how you can contact his or her supervisor. It is likely that there will be a feedback section on the company's website, a mailing address or an email address that you can send your letter to. Confirm the best way to contact the customer service representative's company with the rep so you can ensure that his or her supervisor receives the compliments that you plan to send.

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Write down the reasons that the customer service representative provided quality customer service and deserves positive recognition. This information will ensure that your letter is accurate and will help you put together your positive letter.

If you are writing an email or physical letter, include your personal information, such as your name, account or order number (if applicable), address, email address and phone number. If you are filling out an online form, it will ask for whatever information is necessary.

Begin the body of your letter. If you received the name of the employee's supervisor, begin with 'Dear (Supervisor Name),' or if you do not, you can simply begin by saying 'Dear (Company),' or without a header.

Start your letter by saying:

I spoke with (Customer Service Representative) on (date), and (he or she) was incredibly helpful. (He or she) resolved my concern immediately and did so in a positive manner.

After this, include any other complimentary information, such as information about how your complaint or concern was handled quickly, accurately, or in any other way.

Begin your next paragraph by detailing how the customer service representative helped you. A sample is below:

Patti was an excellent customer service representative to speak to because she genuinely listened to my concerns. She offered all of the help she could, which involved waiting on hold to speak to an agent in a different department, researching my claim and correcting the mistake about my personal information which was in your Customer Information System. Patti took her time helping me and truly understood the problem I was facing. She was wonderful to speak to, and is truly an asset to your organization.

If you are writing a physical letter, sign your name at the bottom. If you are writing an email or on a form on a website, you can just type it in, or not write it at all.

Send your positive letter or email. Also, enjoy the feeling that you just helped someone have a great day, move towards a promotion, or earn some extra money for great work.

Await a response from the company that you contacted. Many companies will write back to you when you write a positive or complimentary letter about a customer service representative.