Baptism symbolizes the choice to become a Christian and a spiritual rebirth. Performing a baptism is one of the many duties of a reverend. After a reverend performs a baptism, it's common courtesy for the baptized individual or a family member to send a note of thanks. There are rules of etiquette that can help a person write a proper thank you note to a reverend for performing a baptism.

Begin the letter with "Dear Reverend." Write the reverend's last name after the title, and put a comma.

Start a new line, and tell the reverend what you are thanking him for. For example, "I am so grateful you were able to perform my son's baptism."

Add specific details, like certain words the reverend might have used during the ceremony. This will let the reverend know that your thank you note is sincere and not out of obligation. For example, "It was sweet of you to take the time to pray with our family before starting the ceremony."

Close the letter with "Sincerely" or a similar closing, and sign your name.

Place the thank you card inside an envelope, and address the letter to "Reverend," and add the reverend's first and last name. Write the reverend's address under the title, and place a stamp in the upper right corner.

Things Needed

  • ['Thank you card', 'Pen', 'Envelope', 'Stamp']