Attempting to join a sorority can be a nerve-wracking time during a woman’s college years. A letter of intent to join a sorority explains the reasons for your interest in joining the specific group. Your letter is an important factor when it comes to getting accepted to join a sorority, thus it is very important to create a professional document.


Make a list of your personal and academic achievements. Include a list of hobbies and interests that you have. Jot down any special skills that you have, such as speaking a second language. Also include a list of your family members who have been part of the same sorority.

Start your letter of intent by supplying your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address. Align this information so that it will appear to the left and directly at the top of your letter.

Press on your return key two times, then type today’s date. Ensure that the date is aligned to the left of your letter.

Push your return key twice to create a double space, then include the sorority name. Hit the return key again and type in the street address of the sorority. Hit the return key once more and include the city, state and ZIP code of the group. This information must also be aligned to the left of the page.

Double space and address the sorority in a formal manner to your choosing. Consider writing "Dear (insert sorority name)" or "Dear (insert sorority name) Members" for addressing the group.

Double space once more and begin the introduction of your letter. State in your own words why you are seeking to join their sorority. Give at least three reasons, and be as detailed as you can. Put a space between each and every paragraph in your letter.

Start your second paragraph by stating your personal and academic achievements. Include the special skills that you outlined earlier. Supply any relevant information about your leadership skills, if you have any.

Begin your third paragraph by discussing your hobbies and interests. Include what activities you are interested in and aware of that the sorority takes part in.

Push the return key twice and end your letter by thanking them for their time and consideration. Push the return key four times and type your name. Print off your letter of intent and sign your name directly above your typed name in black ink.