How to Set Goals Spiritually

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Setting spiritual goals can help you lead a more fulfilling life. There are many types of spiritual goals depending on your individual belief system and your personal spiritual needs. It helps to begin by praying, meditating, and studying the sacred texts of your belief system to get an accurate idea of the areas in your spiritual life that require improvement. Speaking with clergy leaders can also help you get additional clarification on potential areas for improvement.

1 Consider the areas

Consider the areas of your spiritual life that need improvement. Examine your relationships with family and friends and determine whether or not you are living in accordance with the ideals you believe in spiritually.

2 Envision success

Envision what success in your spiritual goals would be like, and what behavior you would demonstrate to meet your goals. Write down all of your conclusions in a journal.

3 Make the changes in your behavior and actions

Make the changes in your behavior and actions that you envisioned previously to achieve your goals. Determine potential obstacles that can hinder your spiritual growth and progress. Eliminate as many of these as possible.

4 Choose spiritual goals

Choose spiritual goals that will have a positive effect on yourself and others.

5 Break

Break down goals into manageable steps by getting to the root of problems or negative aspects in your life you need to change. For instance, if your goal is to be kinder, work on the way you talk to others. Steps would include using positive words, keeping your temper, and considering your words before you speak them.

6 Set a realistic deadline

Set a realistic deadline to achieve the different stages of each spiritual goal. Write each deadline in your journal to record your commitment.

7 Write down methods

Write down methods you can use to measure your level of progress. Using the prior example, you could measure progress in growing kinder by noticing when you are experiencing more love in your relationships with others. Measuring progress gives you a more concrete thing to work toward so that you can stay motivated and keep moving forward.

8 Record your progress in your journal

Record your progress in your journal. You will be able to read how you set your spiritual goals, overcame obstacles and achieved steps. This will help you meet future goals.

Lina Schofield began writing professionally in 2005. She is a professional freelance writer who has worked on a variety of projects, including the founding of the quarterly publication "Propaganda." Schofield also has been published in several student collections. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English at University of Wales Trinity Carmarthen.