How to Train to Be an Animal Control Officer in Canada

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Animal control officers are responsible for enforcing federal, provincial and municipal laws and bylaws concerning the treatment, handling and protection of animals. To train to be an animal control officer in Canada, you must acquire the appropriate education from a post-secondary institution and gain relevant animal handling experience.

1 Research

Research the requirements to become an animal control officer in your home province. Each province in Canada has individual requirements for animal control officers. For example, in Ontario, many agencies and municipalities require officers to be qualified Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) investigators before they can apply for job openings.

2 Acquire the appropriate education and training

Acquire the appropriate education and training. Although some municipalities and animal control companies require their officers to have a diploma in any given discipline, many municipalities now require their animal control officers to have a diploma or certificate in a law enforcement discipline or a four-year degree in animal science.

3 Gain applicable animal control experience

Gain applicable animal control experience. Before entering the field as an animal control officer, you must gain experience working with animals. Most officers gain this experience volunteering at animal shelters, animal hospitals and humane societies. Municipalities favor candidates with the appropriate education combined with hands-on experience handling and caring for animals.

4 Join your provincial association for animal control or animal shelters

Join your provincial association for animal control or animal shelters. Most provinces have a governing body for animal control officers and animal shelters. These associations oversee and enforce provincial standards and procedures in municipalities and animal shelters. Belonging to your provincial association shows potential employers that you abide by the rules and regulations in your province.

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