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Over time, cigars will dry out if they are not kept in a humid environment. In order to keep cigars moist and fresh, they need to be kept in a humid area, away from the dry air. Cigars are not supposed to be damp, as this would make them hard to smoke, but instead, the tobacco inside should remain slightly moist for the best smoking experience. The best way to achieve this is to create a homemade cigar humidor.

Test your plastic container

Test your plastic container to see whether it can seal tightly. In order to do so, close the lid and seal it as tightly as possible. Press down on the lid and listen for any air that may escape. If you hear air escaping, do not use that particular container. Once you've found an air-tight container, move on to Step 2.

Place your two old wooden cigar boxes

Place your two old wooden cigar boxes inside the plastic plastic container.

Velcro your digital thermometer to the inside of the plastic container. Be sure that you are able to see it when the plastic container is closed in order to monitor the humidity.

Wet a sponge and squeeze it out so that it is slightly damp. Place the sponge inside the plastic container in a corner away from the wooden boxes. This will help prevent the wooden boxes from getting too wet and ruining the cigars.

Place your cigars inside the wooden boxes in the humidor. Seal the lid as tightly as possible.

Open your humidor once a week in order to give the cigars some air every now and then. This is especially important when using a plastic humidor.

Things Needed

  • ['Large plastic container with tightly sealed lid', 'Two wooden cigar boxes', 'Digital hygrometer', 'Velcro', 'Damp sponge']


  • Cedar cigar boxes are the best choice when using them inside of a humidor. Do not store cigars in a plastic humidor for long periods of time as the plastic retains more moisture than a wooden humidor. Expensive cigars should be placed in a wooden humidor.


  • Keep an eye on your hygrometer. Check it daily in order to prevent too much moisture inside of the box. Too much moisture can cause your cigars to mold and ultimately ruin them.