Christmas cards are all about good tidings to people you know, but it's still proper etiquette to address them the right way. Update your Christmas card list each year to reflect changes such as divorce, marriage, or a death, then follow standard card etiquette regarding titles.

Always use the title of an individual or couple. Rather than writing "Eric Smith" on your envelope, address it to "Mr. Eric Smith." Likewise, instead of "Eric and Sharon Smith," write "Mr. & Mrs. Eric Smith."

Use the professional title of a doctor. If the couple sharing the surname are both doctors, address it to "The Doctors Smith." If they have different last names, address it as "Dr. John Smith & Dr. Kim Davis." Also use the title of any member of the clergy or an elected official.

Write the full names and titles of a co-habiting couple on separate lines. Place them in alphabetical order by last name, so "Ms. Kim Davis" will be listed above "Mr. Jim Smith."

A recent widow may be addressed as Mrs. (husband's name). However, if she is not recently widowed, address her as Mrs. or Ms., followed by her last name.

Send separate cards to a divorced or separated couple. If children are involved, address the card to "The Lee Family" rather than "Mrs. Mary Lee and family."