How to Have a Memorial Service to Save on Funeral Costs. The main difference between a funeral and a memorial service is that the memorial service is done without the presence of the body, and is usually focused more on the person's life than on their death. A memorial service can be less expensive than a funeral service, and can be more meaningful than a funeral in some ways. If that is how you want to remember your loved one, read on for a little advice.

Organizing a Memorial Service

Take care of the body so that this is not weighing on your mind during the service. A small, private prayer over the body before interment or cremation is just fine.

Invite friends and family to the memorial service, either at a church, a hall or even a home.

Ask your friends and family to contact anyone you may have forgotten so that all of your loved ones' friends can be present.

Ask friends or family members of the deceased for readings, poems, or suggestions of music to play. Also ask them to provide photos with which to decorate the venue.

Focus on celebrating the person's life rather than dwelling on their death.