Fold a Confederate Flag

Just like all national flags, the Confederate flag requires certain etiquette when folding it. The Stars and Bars are a symbol for the Confederate States of America and the dreams of many for a southern nation. Whether revered or reviled, it is part of our nation's culture and to many, treatment of the Confederate flag should be held to the same high standards as any other national flag.

Folding the flag requires two people facing each other and holding the flag horizontally at waist height. Fold the flag with the lower half lengthwise over the upper half. Repeat.

Fold the lower right corner from the fly end to the upper edge, forming a triangle. Then fold the outer point inward, forming a second triangle.

Continue folding the flag in triangles until the whole length of the flag is folded. Carry the flag with one hand on the bottom and one on the top of the folded flag, with hands facing outward and fingers spread apart. Present or store the flag.