How to Find Obituaries In Cleveland, Ohio Online

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Obituaries give friends and family a chance to say goodbye to the deceased, provide memorabilia to survivors and give genealogists additional information about their family history. Thanks to the Internet, obtaining a Cleveland, Ohio obituary is easier than ever. With a simple online search, anyone can find Cleveland obituaries for research or personal purposes. These obituaries can be both viewed and printed by the general public for free.

1 Find Recent Obituaries Online

2 Visit the Plain Dealer's

Visit the Plain Dealer's obituaries website to view recent obituaries (see Resources). This website contains a list of all Cleveland obituaries printed in the Plain Dealer within the past year.

3 Search the obituaries by filling out the search box

Search the obituaries by filling out the search box. Regardless of how little information you have, you can still search the database. You can search by first name, last name, keyword and time of death.

4 Browse recent obituaries

Browse recent obituaries if you are unsure of someone’s name or other search information. Obituaries usually list a picture and general information about the deceased. From the website’s homepage, you can browse all obituaries from the past day to one week ago.

5 View and print obituary details

View and print obituary details. Online obituaries are duplicates of what was printed in the Plain Dealer, giving you the opportunity to make copies of them if you are not subscribed to the paper.

6 Find Cleveland Obituaries From the Past

7 Go

Go to the Cleveland Public Library's Cleveland Necrology File website (see Resources). This website has a list of past Cleveland newspaper obituaries ranging in date from 1833 to 1975. Information on this database includes obituaries listed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Cleveland Herald and the Cleveland Press.

8 Enter information

Enter information in the search box and view the obituary results. These death notices include the deceased’s name, date of death and some additional information.

9 Save records

Save records by clicking the box next to a listing to view it later or print it.

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