The Internet can narrow your search for a relative's grave.

You can find the grave of a relative or famous person for free online. Before you search for a grave you will need to gather together information of the departed. This information includes his full name, date of birth, date of death and the state he was buried in.

Visit Click "Search 62 million grave records" on the right. Enter as much information as you have in the fields and click "Search." Click on any records that come up to view them. Alternatively, click the "Famous Grave Search" link from the homepage and enter the keywords for your search.

Visit the cemetery the departed is buried at in person and request a grave search within the directory. Many modern cemeteries will have such a service; however, older cemeteries will be less likely to.


Visit to search for the grave of a veteran. Fill out the fields with the information you have and click "Go" to view results.