Drop off your old cell phone and make a difference.

Changing your phone for a smartphone, upgrading your phone or simply switching phones means that your old cell phone is no longer useful to you. However, for those who work to end domestic violence, a cell phone may be a lifesaver. Recycled cell phones are provided to women in shelters or families escaping violence to call 911 and receive emergency assistance. Make your old phone a tool that helps other by donating it to a worthy cause.

Erase any date you've stored on your phone, including texts, address books, pictures and incoming and outgoing calls. While you can do this manually, most phones include a button or reset that wipes out data and resets to factory settings.

Remove your SIM card. This small card is required for phones that use Global System for Mobile Communication, or GSM. If you're not sure whether your phone has one, check with your cell phone company.

Confirm that service to your phone is cancelled and shut off with your wireless company.

Find out where you can drop off your donations, Many cell phone providers act as a collection point. Police stations and emergency rooms often have a collection program connected with the local domestic violence program. Call2Recycle offers a listing of all recycling locations.

Things Needed

  • ['Old cell phones', 'Chargers']


  • This donation is especially helpful to a victim of domestic violence as an abuser may take away her regular means of communication. This can be a device kept hidden for emergencies.


  • The phones may be activated to use as regular cell phones. If the recipient chooses to activate it, it will have a new SIM card provided by the cell phone company.