What Do You Do When Your BlackBerry Curve Is Dropped in Water & a Blue Light Shows?

Mobile devices and water don't mix.
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When you drop your smartphone in water, a liquid damage indicator may be triggered inside the battery compartment of the device. The blue light you see isn't typically an indicator of water damage, but it could be an indirect symptom of your problem. The damage may be already done, but you can try to dry out the device to see if that helps.

1 The Liquid Damage Indicator

BlackBerry devices have a strip under the battery cover that indicates the device has been water-damaged. Remove the back cover and the battery and look for a white strip with a line of red or a series of red "x" marks. If you see a red mark anywhere inside the back cover, your phone provider will know that you've water-damaged your phone. To try to get your phone back to normal working order, leave the battery and back cover out and put the phone in a warm, but not hot location. Also try immersing the entire phone in a bowl of rice to absorb any residual water.

2 The Flashing Blue Light

Normally, a blue light on your BlackBerry indicates that your device is connected to a Bluetooth device. If your BlackBerry is not connected to a Bluetooth device, it could be a sign of general dysfunction from the water damage. Allow the BlackBerry to dry out for a day or so, and try turning off the notification by navigating to the BlackBerry menu, selecting "Options," and then unchecking the "LED Connection Indicator" box. If it's still not functioning properly after drying it out, the only course of action may be to take it to your phone provider for repair or replacement.

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