How to Dispose of Expired Canned Goods

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It can happen to nearly anyone who buys groceries, no matter how hard you try to avoid it: accidentally buying canned goods that are close to or past their expiration date, or forgetting to use a canned item that has since expired in your pantry. These expired items can pose a health threat to you and your family if not disposed of in the proper manner.

1 Dump

Dump the contents of the can into the garbage disposal or trash bag if the contents are within two months past the expiration date.

2 Rinse the can

Thoroughly rinse the can in your sink and recycle the can at your local recycling center.

3 Take out the trash bag

Take out the trash bag as soon as possible if the contents are in a trash bag, If the contents are in your sink's garbage disposal, turn the water and disposal on until all of the contents are flushed out of the disposal.

4 Throw the can

Throw the can away immediately if it is more than two months past the expiration date, or if the can is damaged. At a certain stage, bacteria and fungus can grow inside of the can and be released if you open it, so do not open a can that is several months past the expiration date or damaged. Take the bag to a trash bin or dumpster as soon as possible.

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