How to Write a Case Analysis Paper

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A case analysis paper considers the strategies and problems of a company; then, it provides recommendations to fix the problems. Although you may have executed this process in class discussion before, writing it on paper provides a chance for you to be more comprehensive and provide well thought-out recommendations. As you provide background of the company and the strategies and problems you are analyzing, remember that the most important part of the paper is to provide a plan of action that will fix the problems.

1 Identify the strategic problems

Identify the strategic problems in the company that you will address in the case analysis. Include enough information about the company so that the reader can put the problems into proper context. For example, you should review the company's strategy along with identifying the problems that the strategy has caused or run up against.

2 Analyze the strategy and the problem of the strategy

Analyze the strategy and the problem of the strategy by explaining how the strategy works and why it causes problems. In the first section, you only present and explain the problem. Introduce research about the company that can support your analysis; for example, cite numbers and other reports the company has produced that will prove the problem exists.

3 Present recommendations and a plan of action

Present recommendations and a plan of action for fixing the problem. The plan of action should specifically fix the problems you have identified and analyzed. Explain the plan of action clearly so that someone else who reads the report can execute your plan.

  • Remember that each section could comprise several pages. Do not write just to make words, but also do not worry about making a section too long if the information is pertinent to the case analysis.

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