The Effects of Drinking Tibetan Singing Bowl Water

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Tibetan singing bowls are deep, thin-walled bowls made from glass, crystal and brass. To play them, you may either strike them like bells or gently run a wooden clapper over the rim of the bowl to produce a resonant ringing sound. According to Frank Perry, the resonance these bowls produce has healing qualities. You can also charge water in them, according to Soul Guidance. Water "charged" in singing bowls features qualities much different from ordinary drinking water.

1 Charged Water

“Charged” water refers to water placed inside a singing bowl while the bowl is being played. According to Hermes 3, water charged this way can create elation and a feeling of being revitalized. Frank Perry states that different kinds of bowls are associated with different elements and celestial bodies. You may choose to charge your water in a certain kind of bowl to reap the effects of that bowl’s primary association. For instance, a bowl associated with the element water would imbue your water with energies of healing, emotional clarity and purification.

2 Water and Tone Changes

Musicians primarily add water to their singing bowls to change the sound, according to Soul Guidance. The more water you pour into your bowl, the more muted a sound it will make. For instance, if you want your bowl to be very quiet, fill it almost halfway with water. This will, of course, also change the note produced. Experiment with your bowl by adding just a teaspoon of water at a time and noting the sound. With time, create a chart showing just how much water to add to achieve certain notes.

3 Charging Method

According to Soul Guidance, charging water in a singing bowl requires nothing more than placing water in the bowl and playing it. The resonant vibrations will infuse the water with the bowl’s healing energy, similar to placing a teabag in a bowl. The taste and effects of the tea are pleasantly diluted, just as the vibrations become slightly diluted in the water. The longer you play, the more vibrations get infused into the water, just like leaving a teabag in a mug for a long period of time.

4 Precautions

Drinking water from a metal singing bowl can be slightly toxic, according to Soul Guidance. Though the water is infused with healing energies, toxins leached into the water by the alloys in your bowl can be harmful over time. For this reason, only drink liquid charged in thoroughly cleaned glass or crystal bowls. If you only have a metal bowl, use charged water to water your plants or cleanse crystals. If you have a glass or crystal bowl, try charging other (non-carbonated) liquids in the bowl. Herbal teas and juices are especially beneficial after a singing bowl healing ceremony.