How Does the Military Pack Their Survival Bags?

Military survival kits are necessary in the field.

Soldiers in the U.S. military are often placed into dangerous and life-compromising situations. At these tense times, staying alive is the soldier’s number one goal and priority. Ultimately, soldiers hope to return to their families safely. A military survival kit includes life-saving supplies to help soldiers in life-threatening situations. Being stuck in a dangerous situation without a military survival kit increases the threat of danger. The kits are easy to assemble and necessary to soldiers. Every item packed in a military survival kit should be useful in promoting survival.

1 Container

A weather-and-element-resistant container holds most of the survival kits’ supplies. The container is key to surviving in extreme conditions. An easily-carried container will also be air- and water-tight. The container should be small enough to fit into a pocket. The container should be as small as possible, as long as all the necessary items can fit inside.

2 Medical Supplies

A military survival kit contains medical and emergency supplies. Making sure wounds remain clean is extremely important to survival. Include a needle and thread in your survival kit; these supplies will be used to sew wounds. Alcohol wipes, antiseptic and disinfectant are necessary to pack. Also, a maxi pad is packed to soak up bleeding wounds.

3 Additional Items

Several items that are packed in a military survival kit can be used for more than one function. Packing these kinds of supplies will make your survival kit as efficient as possible. For example, pack thread to use for sewing wounds or for fishing line. Cotton balls can be used to clean wounds after being doused with Vaseline or to start a fire.

4 Organization

All items are packed into the air-tight container, as closely as possible. Stick a piece of light-reflecting material inside the kit to use in case you need to flag down rescue. You can also secure a mirror to the outside of the container for the same use. A military survival kit is carried on a soldier at all times.

5 Clothing

A soldier’s clothing can also be used as part of the survival supplies. Bandages can be made from torn fabric. Clothing can also act as a water filtration system. Trapping air inside tied-off clothing can create a flotation device in case you need to cross a body of water.

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