A commercial mixer is an essential piece of equipment in any commercial kitchen such as in hotels and restaurants. This appliance performs a variety of functions from stirring to whipping, and food particles could cause problems within the inner workings of the mixer. Proper cleaning is required to maintain perfect working conditions for the mixer's next task.

Fill a sink with warm water and mix in 3 or 4 tbsp. of dishwashing detergent.

Unplug the stand mixer before you begin the cleaning process.

Immerse only the beaters of the commercial mixer into the sink and scrub them with a sponge to remove all food residue.

Wipe the rest of the commercial mixer using a soapy, soft cloth. If food particles won't come off by simply wiping, lay the wet cloth on the debris for a few minutes and scrub again using the soft cloth. Use the sponge to scrub off hard-to-remove material if necessary.

Rinse off the beaters and the rest of commercial mixer using warm, clean water and a soft cloth.

Wipe the appliance using the dish towel and store it ready for its next use.