How do I Join the South African Army?

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The South African army is a professional force working for the defense of South Africa. Working for the South African army involves military training, functional training and service in uniform. To join the South African army you must be a South African citizen. There are a wide range of careers available, from infantry, personnel to catering to engineering to intelligence. You can join the South African army by completing an application form and sending it in. You can obtain the application form on the South African military website.

1 Open your web browser

Open your web browser. Navigate to the South African army website.

2 Click Careers .''

Click "Careers." Scroll down to "SA Army" and open the "Application Form" PDF.

3 Read the full application form

Read the full application form. Ensure you meet the personal requirements. You must be between 18 and 22 years old, but if you are a college graduate you can be up to 26 years of age. You should preferably be single, flexible to relocation and comply with South African National Defense fitness requirements.

4 Print and complete the application form

Print and complete the application form. Send it in an envelope with your CV and your grade 12 certificate (or grade 11 results if you're currently in grade 12) to "SANDF Recruiting, Private Bag X281, Pretoria, 001." If your application is accepted you will have a job in the South African Army.

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