How to Wear Navy Mini Medals

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As part of the Dinner or Formal Dress Uniform, the sailor will wear mini or miniature naval medals on the left breast of the short blue or white dinner jacket. The Dinner Dress Uniform with miniatures is the formal uniform for Black Tie social events. The location of the mini medals varies as to the gender of the wearer.

Mount miniature medals on holding bars designed to carry miniature medals. Line the miniatures side by side from right to left in the proper precedence according to the naval award precedence chart (chart found in resources below). Center four miniature medals in the first row. Center the second row of minis so that the medals hang between two medals on the lower row.

Wear medal miniatures on the left side of a male’s Dinner Dress Uniform jacket. Wear miniature medals centered on the left of the left lapel of the jacket.

Wear medal miniatures centered on the left side; pass the left lapel of the woman’s Dinner Dress Uniform jacket. Place the medal bottoms so they do not drop below the wearer’s top first button on the dinner jacket. Use a straight edge to line medals with jacket button while lying flat.

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